Ornitorrinco, the Webot, travels around the world
in eighty nanoseconds going from Turkey to Peru and back

A Networked Telepresence Installation by

Eduardo Kac and Ed Bennett

at the MuuMedia Festival, in the exhibition
Metamachines: Where is the Body?
at Otso Gallery, Espoo, Finland.

From October 18 to November 4, 1996.

The image above shows the space inside the Ornitorrinco nest at Otso Gallery, in Espoo, Finland. Ornitorrinco, the Webot, was controlled in real time from a remote space in the gallery via a Netscape interface. Participants received 30fps video feeedback inside the web interface. Stills from the point of view of the wireless webot were automatically captured and uploaded to the Web by a server located in another space at the gallery. Click here to see examples of these stills. Ornitorrinco, as a host to anonymous participants, interacted with his two companions, the turkeys Phil and Phoebe.
Click here to see a digram of the piece.

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