New Media Poetry, Hypertext, and Experimental Literature Bibliography

Selected bibliography compiled by Eduardo Kac


Poetry Webs

Edited by Christopher Funkhouser, these Webs are titled "A Proto-Anthology of Hypermedia Poetry" and "Multimedia Effects: American Poetry Layered Since Black Mountain".

Littérature et Informatique

Covering new forms of digital literature, this page provides information on authors such as Jean-Pierre Balpe, Jean-Marie Dutey, Michel Butor, Ambroise Barras and the Infolipo group, and Philippe Bootz, among others. It also points to other sites with theoretical discussions on digital literature.

Visuelle Poesie und Hypermedia

An article by Friedrich W. Block on visual poetry and hypermedia, discussing the work of poets such as André Vallias, Jean-Pierre Balpe, John Cayley, Eduardo Kac, Jim Rosenberg, Robert Kendall, Patrick-Henri Burgaud, Tibor Papp and Philippe Bootz.

Espen Aarseth's Web site

Home to one of the leading theorists of digital literature and author of "Cybertext: Perspectives on Ergodic Literature", published by The Johns Hopkins University Press in 1997.


Site created by poet Fabio Doctorovich to document current work in experimental poetics, including New Media poetry.


Jim Rosenberg

Jim Rosenberg's home page includes diagram poems, theoretical writings, and samples of interactive work.

Robert Kendall's Home Page

This site includes SoftPoems ( "Kinetic visual poetry for the PC that can be downloaded"), texts about hypertext and multimedia poetry and fiction by the author, as well as "The CyberLit Directory", a list of authors writing cybertext poetry and fiction.

Indra's Net: a cybertextual project by John Cayley

John Cayley's home page includes critical writings and samples of his cybertexts available for downloading.



This site documents the Workshop of Potential Literature founded in 1960 by Raymond Queneau and François Le Lionnais.

Cent Mille Milliards de Poèmes

In 1961, Éditions Gallimard published Raymond Queneau's "Cent mille milliards de poèmes", a book that anticipated many concerns developed by contemporary cybertexts. The lines of the sonnet created by Queneau can be permutated up to 10 to the 14th power, creating one hundred thousand billion poems.

A Story As You Like It

A Story As You Like It is the title of a text by Raymond Queneau developed after the "tree" model of computer programming languages. Originally published in book form, it has recently been programmed as a hypertext.


Electronic Book Review

Covering every aspect of traditional book culture in the context of emerging media, this site occasionally also covers literary work that can only be read in electronic formats.

The Electronic Poetry Center

The Electronic Poetry Center provides links to poetics resources produced at the University at Buffalo as well as elsewhere on the Internet. This site is not primarily committed to electronic poetry proper, but to the use of the Web to discuss poetics and to publish essays on the topic.


Since 1993, performing poets across the country have been incorporating accessible videophone technology in their public readings, primarily to link to other sites simultaneously. This Web site documents their work and provides link to other poetry sites on the Internet.


Hypertext at Brown

Brown University has a strong presence in the hypertext world. This site includes an overview of some of the hypertexts that have been developed at Brown.

Eastgate On the Web

Eastgate is the leading publisher of literary hypertexts in electronic media in the United States. The Eastgate Quarterly Review of Hypertext often publishes interactive digital poetry on floppy disks.

Hypertext & Literary Theory: Essays

This site contains links to many other sites on the topic of hypertext and literary theory.

Hyperizons: Hypertext Fiction

With many links to essays on hypertext and fiction, this site is a good introduction to the subject.

The Electronic Labyrinth

The Electronic Labyrinth focuses on the implications of hypertext for experimental writers. The site contains many links on several related topics, including The Non-Linear Tradition in Literature, The Programmer as Literary Artist, and a Bibliography, among others.


Carolyn Guyer

Carolyn Guyer is a hypertext fiction writer and the coordinator of HiPitched Voices, a collaborative hypertext project for women.

Michael Joyce

This site is home to the pioneer of hyperfiction and author of afternoon, a story.

Jay Bolter

The visitor will find here information about current research by the author of Writing Space, a study of hypertext, the computer, and the history of writing.

Stuart Moulthrop

Stuart Moulthrop is the author of the fiction hypertext Victory Garden, published by Eastgate.

Judy Malloy

Judy Malloy is a hyperfiction author who is offering a new hypertext entitled l0ve0ne through Eastgate's Web site. Via e-mail she has defined l0ve0ne as "a continuing narrative of comings and goings, German hacker artists, computer culture, hardware and software love gone wrong". As new screens are added, to read her piece is to browse the pages of Sarah's diary, making conceptual links between them as this work-in-progress evolves online.

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