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Title: Eduardo Kac: Telepresence, Biotelematics, Transgenic Art

Editors: Peter Tomaz Dobrila and Aleksandra Kostic
Publisher: Kibla (Maribor, Slovenia)
Date: 2000
Specifications: 150 pages, 100 color images
Texts by: Annick Bureaud, Edward A. Shanken, Christiane Paul, Aleksandra Kostic, Suzana Milevska, Machiko Kusahara, Gerfried Stocker, Steve Tomasula, Eduardo Kac. Foreword by Peter Tomaz Dobrila.
Language: English
ISBN: 961-6304-02-X
Summary: The essays in this book--some published here for the first time--discuss Kac's work from telepresence to transgenic art.

Table of Contents
Peter Tomaz Dobrila, Foreword
Annick Bureaud, Eduardo Kac, Pioneer and visionary
Edward A. Shanken, Agents of Understanding: Art and Telerobots
Christiane Paul, Time-Capsule: A Site-specific work by Eduardo Kac
Aleksandra Kostic, Teleporting an Unknown State on the Web
Suzana Milevska, From a bat's point of view
Machiko Kusahara, From/to Body to/from Robot
Gerfried Stocker, Uprising
Steve Tomasula, (Gene)sis
Eduardo Kac, GFP Bunny
Exhibition History

"Eduardo Kac is one of the most interesting artists in the electronic art scene and this text finally compiles a comprehensive chronology and criticism of his work. A quick look at his works is not enough to deeply capture its provocative and destabilizing spirit that elaborates from a different perspective the big and sometimes gloomy possibilities of the new media. Some unpublished critical essays are published here for the first time. They apply different methodologies, so the rebel spirit of the artist is well expressed through the different points of view. His adaptability and far-sightedness are effectively outlined, especially in his works of transgenic art and telepresence. The book is lavishly illustrated and it describes a truly contemporary approach in making art, that of redirecting scientific research through the dangers of its paradoxes."

Alessandro Ludovico, NEURAL, rivista di cultura dei nuovi media, n. 20, 2003, Bari, Italy, pp. 40.

"Review", John Byrne, Convergence 2002 Volume 8 Number 1.

"This volume is a collection of essays which both maps the artistic development and marks the theoretical, social and cultural relevance of artist Eduardo Kac and his work.  In a clearly presented and well-illustrated book, nine varied pieces of writing - the final by Kac himself - enable the reader to develop an understanding of the trajectory of Kac’s artistic development, and to engage in increasing depth and detail with the themes and issues engaged with by this exceptionally interesting, sophisticated and thought-provoking artist."

"This collection of essays covers approximately the last decade of Eduardo Kac's artistic production. It concludes with an essay by Kac himself, on his "GFP Bunny," Alba. Arranged roughly in chronological order, the essays cover numerous telepresence works and conclude with Kac's more recent experiments in genetic manipulation. Some of the essays, such as Ed Shanken's discussion of agency and robotics, range well beyond the work. Others serve more as descriptive texts. Over all, the quality of the essays is excellent. (...) Kac's work can be viewed as a series of carefully crafted provocations. The best of them are marked by a clarity of concept that is at once illuminating and perverse."

Paul Hertz, Leonardo Digital Reviews, October 2001.  

"The volume reflects on the pioneering artist's research. His most recent work was a white rabbit with a fluorescent gene."
Daniele Perra, Tema Celeste art magazine, Milan, March-April, 2001


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