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<nettime> New - Reviews of books I like:


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Reviews of books I like:

Eduardo Kac, Telepresence & Bio Art, Networking Humans, Rabbits, & Robots, Michigan, 2005.

This is a fantastic book - not so much for the transgenic rabbit (which is been played/overplayed/reoverplayed endlessly) as for all of the essays together, bringing new media history to light (no pun intended, well yes). The older material - 'The Aesthetics of Telecommunications,' 'The Internet and the Future of Art,' 'Beyond the Screen: Interactive Art,' etc. - are clear, filled with examples, the very stuff that leads to dreams. I was most impressed by his work 'The Eighth Day' (which he described recently at the Society for Literature, Science and the Arts Conf. in Chicago); there is a full description. Like Stelarc, I think Kac touches a raw nerve, and it's through the clarity of his work/writing/presentations, that it becomes more than art, useful for the rest of us.

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