(Presumed Portrait -- Foul Face)

 Eduardo Kac and Mario Ramiro, 1988

 Telecommunications event between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo uniting fax and live TV, 1988. Connecting the public medium of television with the private medium of the fax this work created a system of feedback based on the continuous exchange and transformation of images. Ramiro was in São Paulo in the studios of TV Cultura and was connected to Kac by means of a fax in his studio in Rio de Janeiro. The basis of this link was a real time operation utilizing the fax as a dialogic medium in the context of a television broadcast, a unidirectional system of mass communication. The goal was not to create pictures remotely but to explore the interactive, improvisational quality of both personal and public telecommunications media simultaneously, integrating the apparently antagonist media into a single process.

 The images below were extracted from the live broadcast realized in 1988.

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