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Documents, Essays and Manifestoes

Guest-edited by Eduardo Kac

A series of articles on the topic of Brazilian artists working with new technologies (from 1949 to the present) published in the Leonardo Web site, as well as in the print journal Leonardo.

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Poetic Innovation and New Technologies

A special issue of Visible Language guest-edited by Eduardo Kac.

Publication date: October 1996.

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New Media Poetry, Hypertext, and Experimental Literature Bibliography. Selected bibliography compiled by Eduardo Kac for Leonardo On-Line.


CIRCA is Ireland's leading magazine for the visual arts (ISSN 0263-9475).

CIRCA #90, Winter 1999, comes with a 22-page supplement on Art + Technology edited by Eduardo Kac. Full texts from that supplement can also be accessed online:

CIRCA 90 Art + Technology Supplement, Winter 1999.

"My goal in selecting the articles for this supplement is twofold: to examine the maturation of electronic art into diverse branches and to reveal the emergence of a new sensibility that expands media propositions into the realm of biotechnology."
(From the Editor's Introduction)


A special issue of the electronic art newsletter YLEM (Sept/Oct 1997)

Guest-edited by Eduardo Kac

This special issue includes articles by: Ken Goldberg, Mike Rodemer, Nina Sobell & Emily Hartzell, Ed Bennett, Peter Lunenfeld, and Rafael Lozano-Hemmer.

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