Introduction 7
Eduardo Kac

Introduction to the First Edition (1996) 11
Eduardo Kac

I-Digital Poetry 13

The Interactive Diagram Sentence: Hypertext as a Medium of Thought 15
Jim Rosenberg

Quantum Poetics: Six Thoughts 25
Stephanie Strickland

From ASCII to Cyberspace: a Trajectory in Digital Poetry 45
Eduardo Kac

Unique-reading Poems: a Multimedia Generator 67
Philippe Bootz

InteractivePoems 77
Orit Kruglanski

We Have Not Understood Descartes 85
André Vallias

Virtual Poetry 91
Ladislao Pablo Györi

Nomadic Poems 97
Giselle Beiguelman

Beyond Codexspace: Potentialities of Literary Cybertext 105
John Cayley

II - Multimedia Poetics 127

Holopoetry 129
Eduardo Kac

Recombinant Poetics 157
Bill Seaman

Videopoetry 175
E. M. de Melo e Castro

Language-based Videotapes & Audio Videotapes 185
Richard Kostelanetz

Biopoetry 191
Eduardo Kac

III - Historical and Critical Perspectives 197

Media Poetry - Theories and Strategies 199
Eric Vos

Poetic Machinations 213
Philippe Bootz

Digital Poetics or On The Evolution of Experimental Media Poetry 229
Friedrich W. Block

Reflections on the Perception of Generativeand Interactive Hypermedia Works 245
Jean-Pierre Balpe

Screening a Digital Visual Poetics 251
Brian Lennon

IV - Appendices 271

Media Poetry Chronology 273

Selected Webliography 279

Sources 283

Biographies 285

Acknowledgements 287

Index 289

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