Eduardo Kac's Holopoems in collections


, Collection UECLAA, University of Essex, UK. (Unique)
Multiple, Collection Yannis Ziogas, Marousi, Greece. (3/3)
Omen, Collection Hans Bjelkhagen, Wales, UK. (2/2)
Andromeda Souvenir, Collection Frédéric Acquaviva, Paris. (3/3)
Andromeda Souvenir (artist's proof), Collection Francis Edeline, Tilff, Belgium.
Andromeda Souvenir (artist's proof), Collection Paul Newman, London
Amalgam, Collection Virgile Novarina, Paris. (edition of 100; unnumbered)
Adhuc, Collection Vito Orazem and Söke Dinkla, Essen, Germany. (1/3)
Adhuc, Collection Jonathan Ross, London. (2/3)
Adhuc, Collection Karas, Madrid. (3/3)
Zephyr, Collection Karas, Madrid. (1/2)
Maybe Then, if Only As, Collection Friedrich W. Block, Kassel, Germany. (1/2)


Chaos, MIT Museum, Cambridge, MA. (1/2)
Lilith, Collection Richard Kostelanetz, New York. (2/2)
Multiple, Collection Susan Cowles, New York. (2/3)
Andromeda Souvenir, Collection Richard Kostelanetz, New York. (3/3)
Amalgam, Collection Butler Institute Of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio. (edition of 100; unnumbered)
Eccentric, Collection Dean Randazzo, Chicago. (1/2)
Zero, Museum of Holography, Chicago. (Unique)
Adrift, Collection Ruth and Marvin Sackner, Miami. (Unique)
Astray in Deimos, Collection Museum of Holography, Chicago. (1/2)


Abracadabra, 1984/85 : Collection of the Museu do Estado do Pará, Belém, Brazil. (Unique)
Amalgam, Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (edition of 100; unnumbered)
Amalgam, Collection Carlos Fadon, São Paulo. (edition of 100; unnumbered)

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