Art in Holography: The International Symposium (1996)

It will bring together artists, critics, observers, writers, designers and creators from many fields who are interested in the state of holography in the visual arts. This is the second symposium dedicated completely to the Art of Holography and is organised independently of any association, group or company. The first experiment took place in 1990 and is the basis for this expanded event. It is the most important event for art, artists and critics who know it is time to look closely at the medium and discuss it openly and critically.

Search the Light

An online reference for all that is best in creative holography. If you are new to the field, you will find biographies from some of the world's pioneering artists using holography, plus stunning images and details about their work. If you are already an expert, obtain up-to-date information from around the world, sources of critical discussion, contact points for further research and news about exhibitions.

Holonet: A Holography Network on the Internet

Holonet is an independent server about Holography and spatial imagery to exchange information and know-how, with emphasis on holography in art and design. The scope of this project is to build up a unique knowledge- and resource-bank of information about the history and presence of holography in art and technology - by means of a fast and easy access through the World Wide Web and Hypertext.

MIT Museum: The Holography Collection

In January of 1993, the MIT Museum acquired at auction the complete holdings of the Museum of Holography (MOH) - the largest and most comprehensive collection of holograms in the world. The collection contains early pieces from the inception of holography in the late 1940s through its artistic and technical evolution, and highlights works by some of the world's foremost holographers. More than seventy of the 1500 pieces in the collection are currently on exhibit in Holography: Artists and Inventors.


The destination of the journey through Greenworld is the beach of an island near to the Tropic of Capricorn. There, the holographic image You Are Here can be seen on the full moon superimposed on to the ocean. The holographic image appears to be a scientific visualisation combining direct recording of objects from the Australian Museum (as temporal redundancy) with a computer graphic representation of sea-level changes. The style of scientific visualsation, implies future or virtual circumstances by contrast to the subject which references tangible aspects of the distant past. The moment of viewing the image and landscape in moonlight connects the subjective experience of nature with its virtual representation as a cultural artefact.

Susan Cowles

An Introduction to holographic forms and their characteristics followed by an interview with Susan Cowles, an internationally known holographer currently at Teachers College, Columbia University, New York.


You will find here: A complete list of holopoems by Eduardo Kac; A statement on holopoetry by Eduardo Kac; An interview with Eduardo Kac about holopoetry,by IV Whitman; An essay on holopoetry by Louis Brill. See also some of Eduardo Kac's writings here.



HoloCom is dedicated to providing accurate information on Holography and varied topics. A Holography site run for and by the Holographic community.

Internet Webseum of Holography

The Internet Webseum of Holography is maintained as a privately-owned and operated Internet resource by Frank DeFreitas Holography Studio.

MIT's Spatial Imaging Group

The general research charter of the MIT Media Lab concerns human communication as mediated by emerging technologies. Within that framework, the Spatial Imaging Group explores high-quality, three-dimensional visual interfaces. We look at both their technology and their applications in areas such as computer-aided design, medical imaging, and scientific visualization. While we study several different technologies, holography is certainly the most prominent among them.

SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering

A non-profit professional society dedicated to advancing research, engineering, and applications in optics, photonics, imaging, and electronics.

Holographic Video in Japan

Home page of Associate Prof. Hiroshi Yoshikawa, Dept. Electronic Engineering, College of Science and Technology, Nihon University, Japan.