Unless otherwise noticed, all photographs were taken during the event, on November 11, 1997.

All photographs © Eduardo Kac.

Time Capsule included a webcast (above) and a live television broadcast (below).
The webcast was produced by Casa das Rosas. The broadcast was produced by Canal 21.

More pictures of the live broadcast can be seen here.

The moment of the implant. Photos: Carlos Fadon.

During the event two vans were parked outside Casa das Rosas: one, an emergency ambulance (left);
the other, a mobile broadcasting unit of the TV station Canal 21. Photos: Carlos Fadon.

After the implant, Eduardo Kac explains live what is about to happen:
webscanning of the artist's ankle from Chicago and subsequent registration,
via the Web, of himself in an animal identification database. Photo: Yugo Tanaka.

Detail of the webscanning apparatus, showing the telerobotic finger ready to push the scanner's button.
The empty area on the lower left corner of the picture is the place where Eduardo Kac placed his ankle during the event. Photo: Yugo Tanaka.

These pictures show the moment when Kac's ankle was webscanned.

Photos: Yugo Tanaka (top) and Carlos Fadon.

Detail of the Web interface of the database in which the artist registered himself, live on television,
immediately after his microchip implant was read via the Internet from Chicago.

X-ray of Eduardo Kac's left leg made the morning after the implant.
The microchip is seen on the upper left corner of the picture.

Please click here to see a close-up of the microchip.

The gallery space where the event took place, shown here the morning after.
On the left we see the seven sepia-toned photographs.
On the right, the X-ray and an enlargement of the identification and recovery database interface.
Next to the back wall we see a computer wired to the Net and hooked up to the telerobotic finger, which was left pressing the scanner. The scanner's LCD display was left showing the number retrieved from the artist's ankle.

Photo: Carlos Fadon.

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