When remote participants log on to the multi-user VRML world they choose an avatar and interact with other avatars directly in the virtual world (top) and also through a chat interface (bottom left). They also see a list of who is logged on at the moment (bottom right). In the gallery, a local VRML interface allows the participant to fly his or her own avatar in the virtual world, interacting with the other fish avatars. The local VRML interface is a fish-shaped object that can be handled and moved freely in space. Sensors in the gallery track the movement of the telerobotic fish in three-dimensions and send data to the VRML server. As a result, Uirapuru's avatar (seen flying over the canopy above) moves in the virtual space according to the movement of the telerobotic fish in the gallery.

Local and remote participants can move freely in the virtual world and interact with one another.

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