The image on the right was a current still captured from a live video feed of the space inside the aviary at Nexus Contemporary Art Center, in Atlanta, as seen by the telerobotic macaw. Stills from the live video feed were captured every five seconds and reloaded automatically every sixty seconds. This was optimized for 28.8 kbps or slower dialup links. For immediate updates, viewers clicked on the Reload button at the top of their Web browser. When logging on after 5 PM (Atlanta local time, i.e., US Eastern Time), viewers saw a dark image since Nexus Contemporary Art Center closed at 5 PM during the exhibition. The lights were shut off so that the birds could go to sleep. To see an example of a live color feed from Nexus Contemporary Art Center, please click here. An example of a live grey feed is available here. To see a screen of a live cybercast on the MBone, please click here.

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