The predicted Genesis protein is 39% similar
to the Chorion protein found in the Meditteranean fruit fly

Query: Genesis aminoacid sequence

Subject: Chorion aminoacid sequence

Research in the database of the National Center for Biotechnology Information (which includes all known proteins in all catalogued life forms) indicates that the predicted structure of the Genesis protein is probably functionally related to the structure of the Chorion protein found in Ceratitis capitata (Mediterranean fruit fly), since it is 39% similar to it.

In the middle (between Query and Subject) we find the actual aminoacids that are identical between the two proteins: 39% are identical in the regions shown. The above comparison clearly indicates (p = 4.3e) that the probability that these two proteins are related simply by chance is 1 in 430,000.

The coincidence (in structural similarity between Genesis and the Chorion protein) is particularly significant in the context of the transgenic artwork Genesis, since Chorion is the protein that forms the membrane which serves mainly as a protective barrier for a developing embryo.

Chart courtesy of Dr. Murray Robinson, Amgen Inc.

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