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" This dual-language publication is well produced and (...) may become an essential digest, or point of reference, for those inspired by the convergence of technology, humans and art.

Review by Robert Pepperell, Leonardo, Vol. 34, No. 2 (2001), p. 165.

On October 1998 the Multimedia Center KiberSRCeLab - KIBLA, in Maribor, Slovenia, published a 88-page book documenting Eduardo Kac's telematic, telepresence, and biological work.

Entitled "Teleporting an Unkown State", the book includes texts by Peter Tomaz Dobrila, Eduardo Kac, Cynthia Goodman, Arlindo Machado, Simone Osthoff, Matthew Mirapaul, and Aleksandra Kostic.

Teleporting an Unkown State Peter Tomaz Dobrila and Aleksandra Kostic, editors.Published by KIBLA, Maribor, Slovenia, 1998.ISBN 961-6304-00-3

Table of Contents
Peter Tomaz Dobrila, Foreword
Eduardo Kac, Teleporting An Unknown State
Simone Osthoff, Object Lessons
Cynthia Goodman, A Rare Bird at the Olympics
Matthew Mirapaul, An Electronic Artist and His Body of Work
Arlindo Machado, Expanded Bodies and Minds
Aleksandra Kostic, 2. October 1998, Maribor

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Peter Tomaz Dobrila
Multimedia center - KIBLA
Ul. Kneza Koclja 9 2000
Maribor Slovenia
tel: +386 62 2294012, 2294013, 2294022, 2294023
fax: +386 62 2294020

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